Sporting Superstars in the Nursery

Thursday 6th July was a big day for the youngest members of Team Springfield – Sports Day! Along with our friends in the Madley Brook Nursery the pupils took part in a range of physical challenges. It was a very hot day so we made sure there were lots of cold drinks to hand.

There were loads of different activities for the pupils to get involved in; balancing, kicking or rolling a ball, holding a bat with a beanbag on it and transferring water from one tub to another. We had a tough training schedule in the run up to Sports Day which involved practicing all these skills in the nursery classroom the week before. It was great fun rolling balls down a long drainpipe to score a goal!

At the end of the day we had the medal ceremony. All of the children showed determination, courage and sportsmanship so everyone got a  ‘gold’ medal to take home.

Well done to our youngest sporting superstars!