Each School in the Gallery Trust is supported by a Local Advisory Board (LAB), which is a committee reporting to the Board of Trustees. Appointing the right people to serve on each LAB is essential and there is a need to ensure there is balance and diversity.  A broad and varying range of professional skills, knowledge and life experiences should be evident in each LAB to ensure a well-rounded perspective and good decision making.

LABs are well placed to engage with pupils, parents, school staff and the wider school community, and to play an important role as the “eyes and ears” of the Board at a local level.

Typically each LAB will consist of the following:

  • The Chair (not an employee of the school or Trust)
  • The Headteacher in an ex-officio capacity
  • 2 staff
  • Minimum of 2 parents/carers
  • Minimum of 2 people from the local community


  • Ensure the academy contributes to the success of the Trust, that the Trust’s vision, values and policies inform academy decisions and adds to the capacity of the Trust.
  • A sounding board for Head Teachers and senior leaders to inform, support and challenge school improvement and curriculum development.
  • Assess the quality of education including pupil attendance, behaviour, wellbeing and achievement of targets.
  • Review staff performance indicators, including attendance, performance and well-being.
  • Provide a vehicle for Board of Trustee engagement with the school, its parents / carers and local community and for the Board to receive feedback on the impact of its policies and procedures.
  • Contribute throughout to the setting and monitoring of the Raising Achievement Plan.
  • Develop and sustain strong partnerships in the local community.
  • Work in partnerships with other groups, for example Joint Working Groups on shared school sites.

Please click on the photos below to see their role and find out more about them. Unless stated otherwise the members of the LAB have not declared any business or pecuniary interests, nor are they members of any other governing body.

The Chair can be contacted via email or you can phone the school office and ask him to contact you.