Springfield School Open on Wednesday 13th December

To all parents and carers,

Both sites at Springfield School will be open at the usual time on Wednesday 13th December. Our Christmas Performance in the afternoon will be a nice surprise for everyone as it will be the first time that we have not had a rehearsal. We hope to see you there.

I appreciate that it is really difficult when the school is closed and frustrating for both parents and pupils when the decision changes at the last minute, as happened today. I just want to reiterate that this was done for safety reasons.

As the snow melts and we have rain there is still a risk of icy conditions on many roads and there is still currently an amber weather warning. It is the decision of transport operators and parents as to whether the route to school is safe enough.

If you are not sending your child to school then please can you phone the office and leave a message. If your child’s transport operator is not running then they should contact you. If this happens and you decide to bring your child in then can you let the office know, otherwise we will not be expecting them and this may have implications on our staffing levels.

At the secondary site at Wood Green, the driveway down and the parking spaces in front of the building are generally clear although the car park itself still has some snow on it. The turning in from the Woodstock Road was quite icy today.

At the Bronze Barrow primary site the car park is still snowy and therefore remains icy, however we have cleared some areas so pupils can get off vehicles more safely. We will be coordinating vehicles in the morning. If you bring your child to school then if possible can you arrive later so that hopefully the transport will have left. The roads on the Madley Park Estate have not been cleared so this is still very icy.

The paths around the buildings on both sites remain clear. The playgrounds are snowy.

Thank you for your understanding.

Emma Lawley