Jade’s Class travel back 100 years to discover what life was like during WW1

Jade’s Key Stage 2 Class are looking at the theme of World War One this term. They’ve been doing lots of different activities looking at what life was like for people at home and for those on the front line.

On the home front they recreated a WW1 shop to practice exchanging, identifying and adding coins. They also explored the different foods people were eating during WW1. They also learnt about the difference between the town and countryside in WW1. They re-created the peace and quiet of the countryside versus the noise and business of towns.

For the front line they explored what it would have been like to be surrounded by the mud of the trenches constantly. They made ‘mud’ and looked at how it felt and how it made them feel. They also learnt about pilots and airplanes and how they were used for the very first time during WW1. They also explored what soldiers and nurses would have worn and tried dressing up as different characters.

It’s been lots of fun to explore the era around 1917 but they all agree that 2017 is much better!