Creative Arts Week at the Bronze Barrow

The end of February saw a celebration of all things arty at the Bronze Barrow with a Creative Arts Week. Pupils got involved in a of broad range of exciting creative activities including an ultra violet puppet show and Morris Dancing.

Sue’s class also looked closely at the vibrant colourful painting by Marc Chagall “Circus Horse and Rider” and this painting was the catalyst to explore our creative abilities to imagine the story behind the picture using sensory props to create a narrative as well as an extra-large collage project where we recreated the picture with our friends form Nicola and Berit’s class.

Pupils dressed up as circus characters and listened to circus music and danced in our PE lessions.

Pupils also practiced tight rope walking on masking tape and hula hoop jumping in the ball Pool. The in-class role play area has become a circus and we are creating a circus alphabet mural.

On Monday 6th March there is an hour after school when you can come and visit and see the results of the Creative arts week and our wonderful masterpiece of “Circus Horse and Dancer”.