School Clubs


Music & Dance Club - Springfield Woodgreen Secondary School 

Mondays for 4 weeks of each Term, 3 - 5pm.

Held in the Springfield Woodgreen Hall.

Cost £30 per term.  Staff ratio 1:3/4


Music & Dance Club - Primary School 

Wednesdays for 4 weeks of each Term, 3.15 - 4.30pm.

Held in the BB School Hall.

Cost £25 per term. Staff ratio 1:3


There may be a possibility of extra support for pupils who would enjoy the clubs but need higher staff ratios - please contact Gwen Taylor (OSLO) to discuss.


If you require help with funding, or transport for your child to go home after the Clubs please contact Gwen Taylor (OSLO)  to discuss.


Contact:   Gwen Taylor


                         Mob: 07879 117258


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