Out of School Liaison Officer - Gwen Taylor

My aim is to help your child access out of school childcare, play and leisure activities.

I can help the club staff to find training (if required) to meet the needs of your child.  I will also support the club with planning to help the child to settle into a new club as quickly as possible. I will also provide you with information about the costs of your child attending this activity and if there are any funds to help pay for these costs. If Transport is needed then I can see if this is available.

Parents/carers need to complete a questionnaire to allow me to follow up requests and also to give your permission to enable me to share information about your child needs with club staff and other activity providers,  this will enable them to meet the needs of your child.

I hope this explains a little more about my role and I look forward to hearing from you.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Gwen Taylor
Mob:     07879 117258
Email:  gtay8630@springfield.oxon.sch.uk 

Springfield School