Katherine Spencer

My name is Katherine Spencer and I am a community governor sitting on two committees for Springfield School; HR and Finance and Joint Executive with Madley Brook. 

As the headteacher of Madley Brook Primary School, being part of the governing body of Springfield School is a key part of my role.  We have a unique situation with the co-location of our two schools and successful integration for all pupils across the school is very important to me.  The schools share common ground on many educational and pastoral issues and being able to share these and come together for joint activities is beneficial for all and a great privilege to share.  

What do I like to do in my spare time? Well… when I eventually get some spare time, and I am not being a wife or a mother, and living in a male dominated household, sport takes up a great deal of my time, either participating or more likely, spectating.  I like to run (as infrequently as possible), cycle (occasionally), ski (as often as I can but not as much as I would like) and watch rugby (religiously).

Springfield School