Enhancing the Curriculum


Swimming is timetabled weekly for every child in the school. We use the facilities provided at the Windrush Sports Centre, Witney, and our own hydrotherapy pool. Our aims during these sessions are threefold - to develop water confidence; to learn how to swim and to encourage greater movement in pupils with physical difficulties.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is available to pupils who would benefit from the physical activity as recommended by the physiotherapist. Where possible it will also be offered to other pupils. Riding is recognised as an excellent form of therapy - building self-confidence, improving concentration and, at the same time, providing recreation and sport. Riding helps balance, mobility, co-ordination and self-esteem. It can involve caring for the horse as well as learning to ride. It places riders in a situation where they need to develop communication skills of a tactile nature in addition to speaking and listening.

Forest School

We are lucky that Angus, a Springfield teacher, is a Forest Schools Leader and has developed our forest school activities in a nearby wood. Forest School activities provide opportunities for pupils to learn about the natural environment, to handle risks and to use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others. Children use full sized tools, play coperatively, learn boundaries of behaviour; both physical and social, establish and grow in confidence, self-esteem and become self motivated. The philosophy of Forest Schools is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences.

Off-Site Education

Key Stage 4 pupils link with Abingdon and Witney College and Kingfisher School in the horticultural enterprise scheme 'The Propellor Project.' When possible a number of our older pupils benefit from days at Pennyhooks Farm.

The minibuses are available for class day trips. These trips include visits to wildlife parks, farms, museums, outdoor education or outings related to specific class projects. Outdoor Education can be extremely valuable to the development of young people so here at Springfield School pupils have been involved in local activities including sailing, katakanuing, climbing and the Kielder Challenge.


Class teachers may choose to organise a residential visit. Classes have stayed in various Youth Hostels across the country, from the Isle of Wight to Cumbria, and others have been to the Oxfordshire Outdoor Education centres in Glasbury and Yenworthy. These residentials are considered to be of great benefit to all concerned and are enjoyed tremendously by both children and staff.

On swimming days children must bring a labelled costume and towel in a named waterproof bag. Please ensure that, on this day, your child is dressed in clothes which facilitate dressing and undressing.

Parents will be informed in advance if their child is horse riding. If your child is riding please ensure that they have trousers and Wellington boots. In the winter a warm coat and gloves will be needed.

We require parental consent for all of our school activities. On admission to the school we send home a general consent form detailing all regular activities, which should be completed and returned to the school as soon as possible.

Springfield School