A busy few months in Bob’s class!

Hello from Bob’s class – let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to so far this year.

During our Spring term, we are going back in time and looking at the Extraordinary Egyptians. This has given us an opportunity to learn about the desert, travel along the Nile river, peek into the pyramids, learn about mummies and Cleopatra, and even connect with a camel farmer, who sent us videos of camel milking and views of their new baby camel’s first steps.

All year we have been focusing on our phonics sounds, reading, and writing skills. This makes our weekly trips to the library much more fun as we find interesting books and pick one to take back to class for the week. We are all developing a wide range of interests in the books we choose.

Once a week we also go out on a community visit together.

In recent weeks we have travelled into Witney to shop for our next cooking class, stopped by for a snack at a local church, and visited one of the nearby parks to see if the early flowers are starting to sprout.

It is always fun to get out and explore the world together as a class.